updated 10/28/16

Ex Machina – new CD from Innova was released October 28, 2016.  Featuring cellist Ashley Bathgate, sax player Ted Nash and pianist Kathleen Supove.  The CD release concert in New York City will be December 4, at the Cell Theater, presented by the Tribeca New Music Festival.  Get the CD or download from Innova, iTunes or Amazon.

Neil will premiere Harmonizer Heaven, a new  solo piece for acoustic piano and Eventide H9 guitar pedal, at the Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum, on January 27, 2017.

Cordelia, a dramatic mono-drama for soprano Mellissa Hughes and the Deviant Septet.  The libretto is currently under development by Larry Beinhart.  There will be a workshop performance of the opening scenes in New York City in the fall of 2017.

Deal With The Devil, for violin, piano and computer, written for violinist Jennifer Choi and pianist Kathleen Supové.  The piece examines the concept of virtuosity, including references to works by Liszt and Paganini.  These two composer/performers were able to exploit their command of their instruments to such an extent that they were each rumored to have made a deal with the Devil for their superhuman performance skills  Neil will work on the piece during a residency at the Bogliasco Foundation near Genoa, Italy in April and May 2017.

In September and October of 2016 Neil traveled to Serbia and Macedonia, funded by an ArtsLink Grant for a residency with Omen Theater in Belgrade, Serbia.  Hosted by Vedran Vucic of Omen Theater, Neil met with Serbian musicians and theater groups to plan for a proposed return for performances in the spring of 2017.  He also lectured on his work in Skopje, Macedonia, and delivered a keynote address and performed a concert of his work at the Balkan Art Forum 2016 in Niš, Serbia.  This was Neil's first return to the Balkans since his Fulbright residency there in 1989-90, right before the Yugoslavian civil war.